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Financial Planning:

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Financial planning is a huge headache for tons of people all over, but what if it didn’t have to be so stressful?

Financial Advisor Salt Lake City is here to help you build your financial plan and start preparing for the future now so that you can stop stressing about where your money is going!

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Financial Advisor Salt Lake City

Financial Advisor Salt Lake City

If you are trying to find how to choose a financial planner, or even how to find a financial advisor or company in Utah, look no further than Financial Advisor Salt Lake City. Our financial company is here to help you find the best advisors in the Salt Lake area, and to help you get started on the road to financial success and freedom.

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About Our Company

Financial Advisor Salt Lake City has been helping those in the Salt Lake area for years, and even though times have changed, we know that one thing that never changes is the desire to be financially secure.

From the beginning, our mission has been to help our clients get the financial freedom they are looking for by providing solutions and recommendations for common financial struggles and concerns.

Our team of certified financial planners and financial advisors have all been in the industry for years, and they can help you create a customized financial plan to help you reach your financial goals.

By working together with you, we can help you make sure that you are financially prepared for the future. Whether you need life insurance, disability insurance, retirement planning or estate planning, our financial consultants can help you find what you are looking for to help pave the path towards financial security.

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Why Choose Us?

Our clients love us because we listen. Our team has been in the business long enough to know that people just want the best solutions for their financial struggles. This is why we don’t want to try to push a certain product on you that you don’t need. Every recommendation that your advisor makes for you will be something to help you reach your financial goals, and will line up with your financial needs.

At Financial Advisor Salt Lake City, we just do things a little differently. We are interested in building a relationship with our clients, laying the foundation of trust so that our clients know that we truly have their best interests at heart.

Contact us today to meet one of our many financial advisors or planners. Come into our office, or even ask about doing a meeting remotely. All of our advisors are available for virtual meetings, to make sure that everybody that comes to us feels comfortable and safe.

We provide free financial plans.

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How It Works?

Whether you are meeting with an advisor in person or virtually, the process will be similar. While the financial planning process is a little different for everyone, the basics are pretty much the same.

When you come in, your financial advisor will go over everything with you, your assets, your liabilities, your income, your retirement goals, etc., in order to help you understand more about your net worth, or give you a general idea of where you are now financially.

Once we go through your current plan, it is easier for us to make recommendations that can help you plan for the future and meet your personal goals, such as saving enough for retirement, or making sure that you are putting enough away for your child’s future education.

We can also help to make recommendations for life or disability insurance, which can help ensure that if something does happen, you don’t have to give up on your goals.

Salt Lake City Financial Services

Our many different financial services allow us to offer a number of different financial solutions to all of our clients and the financial struggles they may face. Talk to a Salt Lake City financial planner to see which services or products would be best to help get you on the path to financial success.

Financial Planning

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the first step to financial success. Financial planning allows your financial advisor to take a look at your current financial situation. This then allows them to help you make financial goals and then take the best course of action to meet those financial goals.

Financial planning helps you fill the gaps left in your financial situation and to make sure that your money is going to the best places, opening up the door to financial success and freedom in the future.

Long Term Care Insurance

Over half of people find themselves in a position where they can no longer take care of themselves when they get older. Nursing homes or assisted living are very costly, and more people cannot afford the costs.

Start planning now to ensure that no matter what happens in your old age, you can live comfortably with more financial freedom.

Life Insurance Salt Lake City / Annuities

Whether you are looking for whole life insurance or term life insurance, Financial Advisor Salt Lake City wants to help make sure that you and your loved ones are covered in the event of premature death.

Life insurance can help to fill the financial gaps left behind, and can help you ensure that after you go, your family can still be taken care of.

Retirement Planning Salt Lake City

By the time retirement rolls around, most people are more than ready to take their well deserved break, but are your savings as ready as you are?

Retirement planning helps to ensure that you are saving adequately now, so that you can enjoy retirement comfortably and stress free in the future.

Business Planning

If you are a business owner, we know that countless hours and many of your dollars have gone into building everything to perfection. Our money managers and advisors can help make sure that your business is working just as hard for you.

With group life and disability insurance packets, we can help you make sure that your employees are covered, so you can focus on growing your business.

Children Education Goals

No matter what your child wants to be when they grow up, we know that you want them to succeed.

Funding your child’s future education is a great way to set your child up for success. Our advisors can h

Wealth Management / Investments

Is your money working as hard for you as you are for it? At Financial Advisor Salt Lake City, our wealth managers can help make sure that your money is going to places where it can do more for you.

After all, you work hard for your money. Make sure it is doing the same for you!

Disability Insurance / Income Protection

While you may plan for almost everything, many people plan to fail for loss of income. Disability is more common than people think, and so many people suddenly find themselves in financial trouble when they are unable to work like they could before.

Disability income insurance helps to ensure that even if you are suddenly in a position where you cannot work, you do not have to sacrifice your future financial goals in order to make ends meet.

Cash Flow Management / Debt

If you are tired of the stress of debt, and hate feeling like your money is going out the door as quickly as it is coming in, talk to one of our wealth managers on how they can help you put your money in better places to help tackle your debt, and make sure that you are truly getting the most out of your money.

Estate Planning Salt Lake City

Estate planning helps to make sure that after you die, you can make sure that your belongings, and more importantly your children, go to the people you trust most. Talk to an advisor about estate planning so that you can make the decision, instead of the state.

About Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is the capital city of Utah, and is located near the Great Salt Lake, which is where it got its name. Salt Lake City is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains. If you love hiking or skiing, Utah is one of the best states for outdoorsmen.

Salt Lake City is also full of history. Founded in 1847, there are many historical sites that are sure to be fascinating for any history buff.

We have been a proud part of the Salt Lake City community for years, and have been able to help countless people in our great city, as well as others in some of the surrounding areas, such as:

  • Millcreek, UT
  • Taylorsville, UT
  • Murray, UT
  • Bountiful, UT
  • Holladay, UT
  • South Salt Lake, UT
  • Canyon Rim, UT
  • And many other surrounding areas

Industry Frequently Asked Questions

There are many questions to ask a financial advisor. Financial management can be a tricky subject, so a lot of people don’t know a lot about it. It’s okay to have questions, and we actually encourage our clients to come with questions for their financial planners.

So whether your question is about retirement annuity, getting a life insurance quote, or even just how to choose a financial planner for retirement, we are here to help in any way we can.

What is a financial advisor / what does a financial advisor do?

A financial advisor can wear many different hats. Whether it is a financial advisor, wealth advisor, financial counselor, life insurance agent, etc., your financial advisor is someone who can help you look at your current financial situation and help you determine how to get to where you want to be.

Our Salt Lake City financial advisors are educated in many different financial services in order to help you with whatever you need to improve your money management and financial strategy

When to get a financial planner / how to find financial planners near me?

When it comes to planning for the future, it is never too early to start. At Financial Advisor Salt Lake City, we believe in the importance of being financially prepared for any situation, which is why we will help you find the best financial advisors to help you with your financial planning. If you start preparing early, you can be more prepared in the event of premature death, disability, or even just get a head start on retirement planning.

Should I get life insurance while I am young?

While there are different life insurance companies with different products and prices, life insurance is almost always going to be cheaper when you are younger and healthier. It is always a good idea to try to apply for life insurance as early as possible to lock in your current health. Our financial advisors in Salt Lake City UT are also insurance agents that can answer any questions about life insurance.

How to choose a financial planner?

There may be many financial companies and insurance companies near you, and there are many different financial planners in Salt Lake City. When it comes to choosing the best financial consultant near you, just make sure that your advisor or financial consultant listens to your needs. Your advisor should be making financial recommendations that will benefit you and fall in line with that you want and need.

Client Reviews


“I am so glad that we found our certified financial planner in Salt Lake City UT. We needed some help with some business planning, and he helped us so much. There were other financial advisors near me at different companies, but I felt like our advisor was just so knowledgeable about all of the different aspects of the planning.”

- Candice K.


“My wife and I were looking for a financial planner in Salt Lake City, so we contacted Financial Advisor Salt Lake City. They helped us find our certified financial planner, and he has helped us find some holes in our financial plan so that we could start planning for retirement. We are much more ready for retirement now.”

- Glenn D.


“We were looking for life insurance in Salt Lake City, and our financial consultant helped us find some life insurance quotes and options to fit in our budget. We would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for financial planning services in Salt Lake City.”

- Hal J.

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At Financial Advisor Salt Lake City, we are here to help you with every aspect of your financial planning. Whether you are looking for wealth advisors, money managers, or a financial consultant in Salt Lake City, we are here to offer our many different financial services and products to you.

We know that life can be stressful enough, so we want to help in any way that we can. Our educated Salt Lake City financial advisors are ready to help you in any way that we can, to ensure that you are ready and prepared for the future, no matter what life will throw at you! Contact us today to see what financial solutions we can offer to you!

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